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This is my personal blog dedicated to B1A4...they stolen my heart with their candor and joy. I want the hole world get to know them and love them as I do...


It is time. I’m finally “ready” to see B1A4 on their B1A4 Road Trip Live Tour to USA at Best Buy Theater in NYC.

Never in a million years I believed that I’ll get to see them at a concert. I’ve been following B1A4 since Sep.16 2011 when their 2nd mini album It B1A came out. I always dreamed of seen them live and tried to attend both of their performances at LA but turned that down cause it was overly expensive when you added plane ticket, actual even ticket, hotel, food, transportation,etc. I decided to save up believing that perhaps next year they would visit NYC. And here we are now READY to see them LIVE.

I know that I’m going to see them and all but I’m still not really in the “OMFG I’M REALLY SEEN THEM LIVE” reaction. I know I’ll cry and get all emotional but overall I’m gonna be happy. B1A4 will be my 1st Kpop concert ever and the 1st time I ever travel to another country with the main reason of just attending a concert. So yes they mean A LOT TO ME. I’m just so glad I saved and didn’t attend their past LA events. I would have missed this HUGE opportunity.

So breaking down the photos and the items on them:
1st photo: the black shirt custom made for the event. Since other local Banas are attending too we will all be wearing this shirt at the concert // lightstick // pins ppyounge & cnu gom // headband b1a4♥bana & gom ears // bannersdifferent styles to give away to attending Bana.

rest of the photos: a little gift I have for B1A4. It includes Puerto Rico flag, the banners we will be giving away and some other random stuff. The idea was to get a shirt for each member but I had no budget for that so I at least tried to get one for them. It is the same shirt we will be wearing at the concert but white. On the back of both shirts you can see the logo and the info of our local Bana representation. yey!

I hope they like it. If I can find something at the airport that is really local I shall get it and add it to the gift set. I really want them to know that Bana Puerto Rico love them too and will be supporting them always.

I tried to do all the fan things that can be done the banners the light stick the headband and everything. I really don’t know when I’ll be able to do this again so I better be safe than sorry and lament later that I didn’t do it.

To all BANA attending the US part of their tour please be safe have a nice travel. I know some are taking bus, trains, planes, driving and all. I salute your devotion and effort. We got this. We can do it! Fighting!


Now ready for the concert….I made the posters in English since they know the basic and I know Baro will understand lol

140825 Taoyuan Airport | © vitamin chando not edit, remove logo or resize.
140825 Taoyuan Airport | © vitamin chan
do not edit, remove logo or resize.

140818 Japan Fanmeet | © vitamin chando not edit, remove logo or resize.
140818 Japan Fanmeet | © vitamin chan
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CNU / Gold News u_u

25 plays 4 notes


Ok USA BANA! I’m going to post up the first fan chant.


The fan chant appears on the left hand side of the video, and is in white text~ Practice hard and make our boys proud for their first time touring in the USA! ~Admin P~

TIP: Watch the video one time through to figure out where all the fan chants are said. Then go through a second time and try to chant along with them!

Good luck and if you have any questions, please shoot an ask!

Getting ready for the concert

Getting ready for the concert

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